School of Journalism and Communication Invited Professor Qin Xinmin to Give Lectures in Our School
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    At 2, on the afternoon of April 29, vice president of the United States International Business Consultant company, free reporter  ,professor ,"Qin Xinmin  was ,  invited in Building No. 4, Room 305 ,giving a theme of"National security and Privacy of citizens -- Embarrassment of American journalism ", which was  a wonderful lectures.All the teachers and students of School participated in the lecture,  which  was  presidedby Dean Jia Shiqiu.

    Professor Qin Xinmin  began his sppeech with the United States "9.11 event" as the breakthrough point, from the "national security", "citizen privacy",to "freedom of the press,who showed the teachers and students a detailed exposition. He ,with his unique perspective, analysed  from the " Edward Snowden Events" and "Prism" in-depth  of the problems between the government and the press,.America's newspaper industry development status  with personal experience, also compared the differences  between Chinese and American press .

    After it, the students enthusiastically raised questions, and Professor Qin Xinmin detailed answer. His humorous and thought-provoking affected  teachers and students , as president of Jia Shiqiu  said: "Professor" Qin infiltrated  through independent thinking and observation, systematic explanation, theoretical foundation his lessons, which made  the presence of teachers and students, more clear , simple understanding to the present situation of the press.

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